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Social Media Management for Fish & Pasta Bar

Fish & Pasta Bar – Pasar Lama, Tangerang

It’s been quite a long time no posting and updating you all with my food review as I have been settling a new routine since December 2016 until now. I guess, this is my first blog entry about paying a visit to the “infant-born” fish and pasta culinary spot located in the heart of Tangerang city in 2017, or “the year of fire rooster”, most people say.

Established since 22 March 2017, Fish & Pasta Bar offers another delicacy within a touch of Western food you should try! Based on the information, Fish & Pasta Bar is still under the same owner of Roti Bakar 88 and Nibble Pasar Lama. If looking closely, you will see a real estate advertisement above, a portal gate at the right side, and glowing fish & pasta bar letters that are eye-catchy.

Located across the Cisadane river and nearby Roti Bakar 88, Nibble, and several coffee shops, Fish & Pasta Bar will bring you to the sense of pleasure when enjoying your fish in a bar along with the hustle-bustle of Tangerang city. The menu ranges from fish & chips up to assorted kinds of spaghetti such as creamy, aglio olio, and marinara. If craving for an Indonesian touch, you can ask for a bowl of rice.

While getting inside, you will sniff the natural air-conditioner from the wind breeze. Besides, the ambiance is pretty great for a long chit-chat or quick catch-up session with dearest friends / couple. While waiting for the food, take a quick look for a piece of writing carved on the wall, a few lamps and fan dangling above, mirror-less windows, and open kitchen set that will make you want to stay longer.

After placing my order for a portion of fish & creamy spaghetti and a glass of mojito and waiting for a few minutes, they are finally served on my table!

The common fried dory fish menu is usually combined with chips (or any kinds of potatoes), but for this time I will try another combination of fish & spaghetti as it is quite distinctive. The fish is pretty good, well-cooked, and crunchy. However, the spaghetti is slightly over-cooked, too creamy and a little bit blatant.

For the mojito, it is good especially for combating recent weather that is sometimes hot, but sometimes is bloody-hell boiling like the sun never sleeps! Consisting of lime fruit extract and soda, be ready to get your throat soothed in a couple of seconds.

Based on my common sense and judgment, I could think of these numbers in my head.

For a regular size of fish & creamy spaghetti, it costs IDR 28.000! Can’t you imagine how friendly the price is compared to your pocket? Meanwhile for a glass of mojito, it only costs IDR 12.000. In a total of IDR 50.000, you even can have your fish & chips along with refreshing drinks to satisfy your dummy belly – ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED for those who crave for fish & chips within the best price ever!

About Fish & Pasta Bar

  • Opening hours: 03.00 pm – 11.00 pm
  • Address: Jl. Kalipasir Indah No. 25 / 29 Sukasari, Pasar Lama, Tangerang 15118
  • No Air Conditioner and Wifi provided
  • No service tax charged
  • Instagram & Twitter: @fishnpastabar

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