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Nowadays, people has become dependent with social media. They open social media to find out what they want to eat, what is the newest restaurant or look for food recommendations. Therefore, we create a platform which connects cafe/restaurant owners or food brands to manage their branding and marketing by providing some services that will be helpful for them. That is why we create Foodinstory.

Foodinstory is the answer for every F&B Industry biggest problem. Foodinstory is a media where client in food industry will meet foodblogger, food community, photographer, videographer, content creator, f&b consultant, social media management, and food media so they can penetrate and survive in the food industry. Why Foodinstory? We have our community & our partners. What we do? Our community will help to adverise your f&b brand to our Foodinhands Community based, and Our Partners will help making and managing your marketing campaign content by connecting to our partners.



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