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Foodinhands Community has started growing from February 2016. Deo Cardi Nathanael and Yessica Angkawijaya are the co-founder of this community. We build this community because we both love to eat, but we cannot take photo in professional way due to lack of photography skills. Then, when we scroll through Instagram, many people take a photo of food in their hands including us. Therefore, we create a community for this kind of people who wants to take a photo of their food in simple way. Foodinhands instagram feed is basically compilation of photo of food in hands. But, we consider the direction of hands. We also use black and white theme as the background for the matter of simplicity.

As time goes on, people start to notice about Foodinhands community. They start to tag our Instagram @foodinhands and also use our hashtags #foodinhands. The community grows bigger and bigger across Indonesia especially Jakarta and other people from overseas like Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries also contribute in this community. We didn’t expect this huge enthusiasm, but we are excited to grow this community more after we see the rapid growth of this community. Now, we have some curators and community manager from some cities in Indonesia to grow the community for each cities.




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